iCrawler & E3 Game News

So, as game design is wont to do, the plans for iCrawler, my in-progress iPad game, have changed. They’ve changed back to my original plans – while I still really like the idea of a 2D-within-3D platforming game, I’m still far more enamored with the original idea that I had for the project. And so, iCrawler will return to my original plan for a 2D graphical roguelike game. Still, the game will not be without pretties – I plan to incorporate some elements that I haven’t seen very often in roguelikes, but I don’t want to spoil those yet. The game’s source code will be released under the GNU GPL v3, and the game itself will be available for free on the Apple Store – I may later do a redesign for iPhone, if I have the time and there’s a desire for it. As for the art… well, that remains to be seen. Any art that I make for the project will be released under Creative Commons, but I will likely be taking advantage of art assets available on OpenGameArt.org (a brilliant website that I recommend any budding game developer look into), and those will be under various other licenses – I will be including a list of all assets, their creators, licenses, and OpenGameArt URLs for those assets.

In other news, work on the project being developed as my university’s entry into the E3 College Game Competition is well under way. We’ve moved away from our original idea (and name), and have moved onto something that may be a touch more interesting – it’s got a mechanic that (after a fair bit of tweaking and experimentation) will be lots of fun, and I’m looking forward to continuing to develop this project.


More news!

This semester, I’m taking a Mobile Development course at my university – not because I need it, but because I need the credits. I’ve done a fair bit with iOS development in the past, but nothing I’ve ever bothered to publish — which is where the class comes in. I’m required, as part of the class, to publish this app to the app store, so I have the motivation to see the project through to the end.

My work for the class, I feel, is going to be very interesting – it’s an OpenGL ES 2.0-based game for the iPad, featuring a mix of 2D and 3D art styles. In it, you’ll play as a chosen character Archetype (Mage, Warrior or Ranger) going through randomly-generated side-scrolling dungeons. I haven’t narrowed down everything in terms of design or gameplay yet, but rest assured that the source code for the project will be available to all who are interested – the art and code I make for the project will be licensed under GPLv3 and available on my GitHub page. Also, the end result will be available (for free!) on the store for the iPad!

MFFS Status Update

So, I figured I’d put up a status update regarding the Modular Forcefield Systems mod. I still very much intend to finish the mod for 1.7, but at this moment I do not know if I’m going to continue to work on Minecraft mods afterward. There has been a lot of drama in the community, and frankly how some mod developerss are treated by users (and how some users are treated by mod developers, and how some mod developers are treated by mod developers) is depressing to me. I’ve been in several modding communities before this one – Neverwinter Nights, Elder Scrolls, Unreal Tournament, and some others – and have never seen things get as bad as they seem to get here; people in other communities tend to simply move on, rather than stick around to beat each other with sticks until nobody is left standing. This is not to say that I’m giving up modding altogether – I just may not be doing much for Minecraft, as I move on to focus on other projects. But don’t worry! MFFS is and will always remain open-source and under the GPLv3 license (though the new API is planned to be released under LGPL).

Similarly, I’ve no intention of leaving Forgecraft, or no longer hanging out watching some of my favorite streamers play the game on Twitch (bacon_donut, Morvelaira, Jadedcat, StrayMav) – I have made too many great friends to leave them behind. You’ve all been wonderful to me during my time developing, and I hope you’ll keep an eye on my other projects and tutorials as they come to light.

Development Projects

So, the new semester has started at my university. This means new projects, new work, and more to learn — and teach, as I plan to run Friday workshops at my uni covering development with Unreal Development Kit. So, I thought I’d give everybody a run-down on my currently active projects!

Shattered Dreams This semester, I’ve been selected as one of two programmers on a six-person team participating for my university for the E3 College Game Competition. We’re working on a 3D game in UDK, but specific details about the project both haven’t been settled just yet.

FAIRCd In my Software Engineering Principles course this semester, we’ve been tasked with coming up with a software project and walking through the entire development process – project planning, actual development, adjusting to a client’s (our instructor) requirements, etc. We have decided to write a custom IRC daemon, which GitHub’s random name generation has decided to call fuzzy-adventure! We plan to release the source code after development is complete.

Modular Forcefield System Of course, even with all of these projects I still plan to continue development on Modular Forcefield System! The mod is going through some major changes for 1.7 and beyond, and now that I’ve got a grasp of how the new Netty-based networking system is intended to work with Forge Mod Loader, development is back underway. If you’re interested in following the development, feel free to keep an eye on the GitHub page!

New tutorials coming soon.

This is an update for everybody who’s been waiting patiently for the re-release of my Advanced Model Loader and (more popularly, it seems) Multi-block Structure tutorials. The past few weeks I’ve been more than a little swamped with schoolwork and dealing with a few life issues, so I haven’t had time to work on the tutorials (or MFFS) much. However, finals are over this week (for me, at least) and I’ll be going with my fiancee to be with her family for the holidays – meaning I’ll have lots of time sitting at my laptop to program.

Over this break (both at her family’s place and when we return and wait for the new semester), I plan to get a lot of programming work done. I hope to have MFFS feature-complete by about mid-January (though I make no promises), and plan to have at least the Multiblock Structure tutorial rewritten and back up sometime next week. However, I can’t guarantee that I’ll have much Internet access while I’m away, so it may be a bit before I can get the tutorials posted – we’ll have to see how things go.

Also, for those interested, I went ahead and opened the GitHub repository for MFFS 3 – you can find it here. Please note that it is currently not feature-complete, as I have not had much time to work on it lately – but it’s in-progress. I do not recommend using a build of this at the moment, as you won’t have anything (except a bunch of Monazit Ore and Forcicium to make Forcicium Blocks, I suppose) and I haven’t bothered to implement the config file (I tend to save this for a time when things are feature-complete).


I’ve added the completed version of my uObserve project, implementing an Observer Pattern for Unity 3D utilizing the Inspector window to assign associations between Observer and Subjects within a game scene. This isn’t the ideal solution for every given situation, but it definitely helps in many of them!

I am still in the process of preparing to update my Minecraft mod programming tutorials. I plan to include equivalent Java and Scala code for each of these when I do update them, but it will still be a little bit before they’re ready.

Welcome, at last!

As many of those who follow my work may or may not know, my blog has very much been in an awkward state lately. I have been doing a lot of work to decide what I’m going to do and how I’m going to do it, and I’ve ultimately settled on switching VPS hosts, and separating responsibilities in my site. I am going to use the main site, which you see here, as my development blog — including any projects that I am working on for school, personal or (later) professional projects (where permissible). This includes the resuming and posting of tutorials, ranging from game to mod development and general programming. I will later be adding a subdomain that will serve as my professional portfolio as I prepare to leave the university environment and enter the game development industry in proper.

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