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MinaI am a programmer with a major focus on game development. My main attraction to game programming is the unique challenges that arise – every game gives me something new to learn, or a chance to re-imagine how to accomplish a familiar task. I also enjoy writing tutorials to help teach people who are new to development – whether it’s game, mod or software development – how to get started, in an attempt to give others what I wish that I had.

Along with game development, I am active in the Minecraft modding community, having taken the reins of development for the Modular Forcefield System mod after the original dev moved on to other projects – I am currently in the process of rewriting the mod from scratch in order to account for changes to Minecraft and to gain exposure to the Scala programming language.

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  1. I saw you retweeted my Naughty Dog women pic, and that you were trans. Me too! Anyway, I just wanted to say, “Hey.”

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